== Useful ==

to return to previous folders:

you can replace a path of your pwd:

Globbing recursively can be done with:
 print **/zsh_us.ps
 ls -l **/README

== VI Mode + History ==

Use up and down key to search in the history with the current text
!word will autocomplete in the history
(up and down key can be used afterwards too)
use  + / to search backwards in the history (? to search forward)
(n(next) and N(previous) will scroll in the history in this mode)

== Problems ==

If a command is not found use:

If you get strange tab completion errors:
 rm ~/.zcompdump
and restart zsh

== Zsh lovers ==

You should read that:

Get ASCII value of a character:
 char=N ; print $((#char))

Lists every executable in PATH:
 print -l ${^path}/*(-*N)

== Less needed ==

(.) matches normal files
(/) matches directories
(@) matches symbolic links

back to mask:
chmod 755 **/*(/)
chmod 644 **/*(.)

all world readable files:
ls **/*(. W)

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