## First configure rsyncd

  1 [backup]
  2 path=/home/data/Backup/fairphone/
  3 comment=backup for fairphone
  4 read only=false
  5 uid=markus
  6 auth users=markus
  7 secrets file=/etc/rsyncd.secret

in /etc/rsyncd.conf

and in /etc/default/rsync


(OPTS can stay empty)

sudo chmod 400 /etc/rsyncd.secret

with content:


## In syncopoli

Go to settings

Protocol: rsync
Port: 873
User: markus
Rsync Pass: (what is in /etc/rsyncd.secret)

Then add new Local -> Remote

"Quellen"/"Source" is either: /storage/self/primary or /storage/emulated/1 (sdcard)

Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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