Debian 9.2 runs quite smoothly on ZBook 15 G4 Workstation

## Functionality

What works: nearly everything (tested: sound, camera, suspend, lid-close, 3D)
What does not work (at least as fast as I tried it) but has an easy fix:
 1. non-uefi
 2. hybrid graphics mode

To fix the problems:
 1. Force UEFI during installation (I was asked during the installation to force UEFI)
    Saying no, I got a "DiskError No Operating System found" after the installer rebooted
 2. bumblebee/primus did not work? (did not invest much time, I saw a black screen after login, no hdmi), so
    I changed the option for the graphic cards in UEFI/BIOS:
    - Advanced
    - Built-in Device Options
    - Graphics: from "Auto" -> "Discrete Graphics"
    You can use intel, nouveau, or nvidia driver
    intel seems to not support external hdmi (Debian 9)
    nouveau did not support external hdmi (Debian 9)
    In Linux Mint, nouveau supported external hdmi, but had some glinches in redrawing the screen
    Tried again at 07.02.2019 with Bumblebee Version 3.2.1, NVidia 390.87-6~bpo9+1, Kernel 4.19
      switch in BIOS to "Hybride Graphics" -> freezes at bootup; fix see
      GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet blacklist.nouveau=1 i915.modeset=1 gfxpayload=640x480 acpi_backlight=vendor acpi_osi=! acpi_osi=\"Windows 2009\""
      in /etc/default/grub
    And it worked and it pays off: up to 16h Batterylife. Only drawback:
3. External Monitors, see:

What does not work, (currently) without fix:
 1. Docking Station seems to be problematic
 2. Gets quite loud when GPU/CPU is under stress (otherwise very silent)
 3. strange noise from soundspeaker when restarting (some capacitor still charged?)
 4. fn buttons do not work (tested with xfce)
    - brightness control shows current %, but does not change anything
      - might be nvidia 384.90 problem
      - proposed fix with nvidia_drm module parameter modeset=1 does not work
      - proposed fix with "EnableBrightnessControl" in xorg.conf does not work
      - installing acpi-support does not work
      - what works is nvidia-settings -n -a BacklightBrightness=X (where X is a value from 0 to 100)
      - acpi_listen also detects the events, so it is only a matter of configuration ;)
    - sleep does nothing (workaround: close lid or by menu/command)

## Logs

Some "ACPI Error" are reported (also with 4.12 kernel)

## Firmware

- firmware-iwlwifi (to make wifi work)
- firmware-misc-nonfree (to make a warning about intel i915 go away, did not see a functional difference)

## Links/Other Info

ZBook 15 G4 Workstation
 + official linux support (hp_linux_matrix.pdf)
  - Kaby Lake Update (BIOS update notwendig? Ubuntu geht dann)
 + battery
  - web surfing at 100 nits, it lasted just 4 hours and 33
  + fast charge (50% in 30min)
  + up to 18h battery time, At around 9 hours daily use,
  + up to 11h watching lord of the rings
 + NVIDIA Quadro M2200, 4 GB (does not share main memory), support since 378.13, debian stretch libgl1-nvidia-glx
 + CPU EliteBook: +11% faster than EliteBook +16% multi-core; +23% multi-core fp
 + CPU Vergleich T470s: +47%, +100% multi-core
 Info (german):
 ? P5Q58AA ZBook 15 TB3 Docking Station 150W (might not work)
 - Installation for newer Nvidia drivers:

Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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