Back from some stressy days, looking forward to test the new 0.6.2 and contribute this and that and what is the first thing I have to face? - svn server is down - again.

Use git instead of svn


1) Decentral System, there is no single point of failure
2) automatic backup - everybody doing a git-clone has a backup
3) Possible working without internet connection, during Holidays, Flights,...
4) Really fast, much faster then svn
5) merging much easier
6) Works nearly the same way! git-add, git-commit are doing like the svn commands, only push and pull are the new one to learn.
7) Everybody can immediately work on Elektra. No circumstantial checking out, working a bit on it, having a large patch which no one is willing to apply - you can git-clone the repos and start the work. If it is good work its easy to merge the branch (push/pull) with full history of both sides.

Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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