The life of a C++ programmer can be easy when the correct compiler flags
are used:

the good stuff:
-ansi        switch to the current standard (-std=c++98.)
-pedantic    reject non-iso code
-Weffc++     Warn about style guidelines from Scott Meyers’ Effective C++ book
-g           produce debugging info
-ggdb        -||- for gdb
-Wall        give more warnings
-Wextra      and even more

the bad stuff:
-DNAME     to define the macro NAME

the ugly stuff: (needed when bad stuff happens)
-E           look at what the precompiler does
-dD          Output the #defines too (together with -E)
-dM          Output predefined macros (-||-)
Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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