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@Author: Markus Raab
@Licence: GPL

This framework supports a menusystem, a picture gallery, a newssystem and some other small features. Read this to understand how it works.
The script itself is documented in german.

The design is managed through one stylesheet /style.css.

folder structure
| - index.php (script executed by web server)
| - about.html (Will be shown as first page)
| - [greeting.html] (will be shown as title, when available)
| - date.txt (will be shown on left bottom)
| - standard.html (will be shown if any subfolder is without
|	index.html)
| - logo.png (Logo shown on right top)
| - style.css (Stylesheet for all pages)
| - pic (Not shown folder for any use)
\ - banner (Not shown folder for pictures on the right bottom)

All files in root will not be shown, the directorys other
named then pic and banner will create the menu structure.

any folder (subdir, subsubdir, ....)
| - index.html (First showed page when entering the folder)
| - [greeting.html] (will be shown on top right, instead of
|	the navigator)
| - images.html (NOT allowed when index.html is there. It shows
|	that this is a image gallery)
| - news.html (NOT allowed when index.html is there. It shows
\	that this is a news system)

Folder pic
This folder is not shown in the menu system. It is thought to
have pictures in the webpage.

Folder banner
This folder is for a banner in the bottom right. Just copy
pictures to it (should be small) to have them shown there.
It is mostly used for used development tools, partner companies
or something like that. If there is a similar named .txt file
the content will be the link for the picture.


tux.jpg.txt contains http://www.linux.org and the picture tux.jpg
will be shown. The picture will be a link to linux.org.
Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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