Current Release: 1.2

Homephp is a php script to produce nice looking web pages with a minimum of needed time. Just unzip a folder, edit your Stylesheet and then create folders and html files. These folder and files will automatically be used for the menu system.

Special Features are a news System and a picture gallery. A good documentation (html, txt, oasis) is also available.

Get It!

First download the zip archive. Then study the documentation to know what to do. The licence is GPL. For commercial use please contact me here.


These changes are all for the mainline 1.x. There is no 2.x planned, just bugfixes and small enhancements will be there in future.
  1. 01.04.2005 Updates for mod_rewrite. The php Part in url is now gone
  2. 01.09.2005 Updates for file_folder_smaller and file_selected_smaller
Have a lot of fun. Please don't hesitate reporting bugs, feature requests or anything else.
Fr Jul 30 13:54:24 CEST 2021
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